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We are the largest  backgammon teaching group in the world with 21 instructors, students in 30 countries, teaching in 11 languages. Our students are Novices, Intermediates, Advanced, Experts and Professional Players. We offer 1:1 coaching, group lessons, and over 130 proven lesson plans.

Our teachers include a number of the world’s best professionals
and renowned theoreticians.


We believe the most important advantage of lessons is the ability for the student and teacher to interact.  While we do “lecture” and provide information to students, we illicit feedback and questions to be sure the information is completely understood and absorbed. We have a basic approach to the game and to learning that all of our teachers use, and it incorporates these key principles:

1. Students must have a solid understanding of the basic odds and  concepts of play. We make the math simple to understand and use.


2. We break the game down into 6 game types, providing’ basic rules of thumb and triggers for decision making. Breaking the game down this way makes it far easier to remember and apply the best approach for each game type.


3. We believe “a good teacher teaches himself out of a job.”  We give you concepts and tools to continue learning on your own.  We help you understand and use the most advanced backgammon software and  provide state of the art material that you won’t find yet in books or web sites.

No matter what your level of play, you are playing this game because it is challenging and fun.  We make the learning process interesting and fun and we know the more you improve, the more you will enjoy the game….and the more you will win!

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