Over 700 students have taken lessons from our highly experienced teachers. Many students have won major tournaments around the world.  Our web site includes testimonials from some of these.

We have developed an approach and curriculum over the years that produces results. No matter what your level of play, we make sure you have a solid foundation of the basics of cube and checker theory, and then we break down the game into 4 areas of play and help you hone your skills in each, one by one.

Our lessons or over the internet and recorded for future review by the student, and we provide students with articles, Power Points, and other materials you will not find in books that will improve your game and become valuable references.


We believe the most important advantage of lessons is the ability for the student and teacher to interact.  While we do “lecture” and provide information to students, we  illicit feedback and questions to be sure the information is completely understood and absorbed.

We have a basic approach to the game and to learning that all of our teachers use,
and it incorporates these key principles:

First, the student must have a sound understanding of the basic tools of the game—the salient probabilities, and the key concepts of play.  The math is simple to understand and use by non-mathematicians in analyzing positions.

Second, we believe the best way to learn backgammon (or any game or sport) is to break the game down into smaller pieces and learn each piece thoroughly. A backgammon game can be divided into 11 basic areas, and our students become experts in each one, one at a time.

Third, we believe a good teacher also teaches the student the best methods to study and learn on his own. We provide you with study material and strategies to use your own backgammon software to continue to improve on your own, even after you stop taking lessons.

And lastly, we know that even the most serious players are playing backgammon because it is fun. Lessons need to be enjoyable, and the learning process should also be fun and intellectually stimulating, or it will be “work.” Once you see the beauty of solving a complex doubling cube or checker play decision, and the depth of understanding that comes from approaching the problem properly, you will get more enjoyment out of learning and playing. And of course, YOU WILL WIN MORE, and that’s really fun!


Lesson fees vary depending on the instructor and your level of play. Online lesson fees start as low as
$60-$100 per hour for Intermediate players, and $75-$200 per hour for Advanced players. Live lessons start at $100-$300 per hour (plus travel time & expenses). We also provide lectures and seminars to small or large groups live or over the internet. Contact Phil Simborg at to place you with an instructor best suited for your goals, level of play, and time preference.